NAE's action and Donation 

Since 1 week after "the Great Earthquake in Higashi Nihon" on 11th March 2011, I've been there for several times and delivered foods, daily stuff and had workshops for the evacuated people.

Still there're many people living in the temporary houses  but 
most of people are forgetting about this. 

I feel they still need a help and workshops there for 
their future. 

please take a look my blog and website for this

"Silent Moment with a Candle"

And also in the beginning of september 2014, around Srinagar in 
Kashmir in India, there occurred the great flood and over 500 people died and still people live in damaged houses. 
before winter they need to rebuild and put doors and windows to 
prevent from coldness and snow. 
I'd like to support but i cannot support enough. 
I'd love to help their reconstructions. 

and If you agree with my action and would like to support me, 
you can send me donation. please send a message form below. 
thank you 


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