★english page 

for you, if you wanna be more cheerful and feel love.... 


spiritual lesson and ho'oponopono lesson are up coming!! 
check them out!! 

★hello from Nikita


i'm nikita (nae okawa) from japan, teaching yoga and healing in japan and india. 

all the people from the all over the world are welcome. 
let's feel freedom and love in our life! 

i'd be glad to be helpful for you to have 
a great day with a lot of joy and smile! 

★energy healing & spiritual counseling

<<Distance Healing>>
  ★reiki session  

                                20min  4000yen
  ★reiki phyco surgery  

                                 60min  8000yen

  ★lavender flame of Kuan Yin (for cleansing and purifying energy) 
                                  15min   2000yen   
                             in addition to reiki 


<<Meeting Healing Session>> 
   ★reiki session  (chakra healing) 
                                 50min 6000yen
   ★reiki phyco surgery  (chakra healing+ removing blocks in chakras)

                                 60min  8000yen

<<Spiritual Counseling>>  card reading session with your guardian angels, spiritual guides or ascended masters

    ★meeting session

                                 30min 4000yen  
                                   1h       8000yen 

    ★distance session (by email)  3questions 

                             1session  5000yen 




<<Combo menu>>
   ★distance spiritual counseling with card reading+ reiki distance   healing (20min) 

    10,000yen => after discount 7500 yen

  ★meeting spiritual counseling with card reading (30min) +reiki healing (40min) 
    9,000yen=> after discount  6500 yen


any question, please feel free to contact me....




★spiritual lesson and ho'oponopono lesson

to connect your body and mind to the universe, it's necessary to learn about spirituality. in this lesson, you will learn about the spiritual guides, angels and how they work for you. 

also as for ho'oponopono, it's traditional hawaiian method to solve the problems in tribes but now the masters adopted it as a modern method for individuals.  ho'oponopono guides you to the limit zero. 

both of these method  are useful and will help you live in peace. 

★spiritual lesson                     1session 15000yen 
<including, grounding, removing negative energy and card reading>

★ho'oponopono lesson          1 seeion 10000yen 

★yoga and meditation

as teaching yoga in india and japan, i welcome all the people from the beginners to advanced. 
lessons in english are available. 
feel free to make a contact with me

also i'm teaching meditation, prana yama and chikong exercise.


★workshop & news


★11th n 18th september, yoga lessons are held in Izukogen, ito. 


 address: Akazawa Shogai Gakushu Centre, Akazawa 60-1, Ito
         fee:  1000 yen  

 if you're interested in, please contact me.    

★from the end of september, my yoga lesson starts at Tokyo house in Mcleodganji in Dharamsala, India.


★from 25th september about for 2months, yoga lesson, healing session and lessons will be available in india. 


★reiki degree 1, 2, 3 workshop is available on request. 

★my blog

★about charity and news from Tohoku 

★charity action for Tohoku earthquake 3.11 in  2011


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spread love to all over the world!